From Japan and Indonesia, meeting through online, from the same college degree. We decided to start fullfilling our dream career and improve. Working with you is not just about business, it's about knowing your stories and share it with us. We will visualize your memories.

Yuriko Goto

Christian Tjandra

My name is Christian, I'm from Indonesia! Thank you for stopping by. Anything in YC Studio related to the camera I will take care of. For me, the camera has been my life since I was in Junior High School. Since then, I fell in love with the art of Photography and Filmmaking. I love to share my experience and stories through my photographs and films. Now, let me help you tell your stories through my camera.




Drone Premier Pro

Graphic Design

Yuriko Goto

Yuriko Goto

My Name is Yuriko, I'm from Japan! Nice to meet you. I love illustration and cats. Anything related to digital artworks, web design and graphic design will be taken care of by me! I would like to illustrate your stories and pictures and let you keep them as a memory!

Web Development

jQuery C#

UI Design

Adobe XD

Graphic Design / Illustration

Photoshop Illustrator Procreate